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If you need a PDF scanner, look no further. Scan+ scans and converts documents into your iOS device and does so with text recognition. It’s fast, efficient, and free to download.

This scanner app does it all. You can use Scan+ to scan, save, and share any document in PDF and JPG formats.

If you deal with a document pile on a regular basis, this timesaver will become your best aid. Scan and sign your documents digitally, and enjoy being paper-free.
Scan+ will turn your mobile phone into a document powerhouse. A true must-have for students, secretaries, managers, contractors, and more.

What is the features of Scan+ ?

Scan Documents
Digitalizing documents have never been easier. Scan+ allows you to scan your documents with your device’s camera or from your Photos. It works on all sorts of files and images. Students can scan whiteboards, book pages, and study notes, while other professionals can scan IDs, invoices, business cards, bills, and more.

Sign Digitally
Scan+’s electronic signature makes signing documents a breeze. Scan, sign, and send your documents with ease and haste.

Scan+ protects your documents. If you want to secure your documents, you can do so with pin-protection. You may lock the entire app or a specific folder by setting up a PIN. With this scanning app, the paper hassle is a thing of the past. Make your life easier at school or work free of charge.

Trailblazing PDF scanner
- Scan to PDF or JPEG with ease and accuracy.
- Save scans in grayscale, B&W, or full color
- Recognize and scan text from the device camera or Photo
- Automatic shutter and border detection functions
- Supports color correction and noise removing features
- Multipage scanning

Functional Editing
- E-sign documents easily within the scanner app
- Cut, copy, paste, re-order and delete
- No internet connection required to edit documents

Easy File Manager
- Convert any type of documents to PDF
- Includes folders, drag and drop, and document editing features
- Pin-lock folders with and safeguard your confidential documents

Convenient Document Sharing
- Share your scan documents in seconds
- Print documents directly from the scanner app
- Share, upload, and send your documents to the cloud service of your choice.

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